Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SBC Winter Maintenace Special: Let us Fix Your Bike NOW so you can actually ride it when it gets warm!

This Winter the Shenandoah Bicycle Company is announcing a new maintenance special geared at getting your bike into the shop for service work. Typically, at SBC we do not offer a full maintenance overhaul package for one inclusive price. However, we want to see you drop your bike off now so that we can get your bike in tip top shape before the warm weather rush. This maintenance package applies to any bike but is geared towards those that run traditional brake cables rather than hydraulic disc brake lines.

The Package Includes the Following:
Regular Price: $190
Sale Price: $140

-Install two new shift cables and housing ($20 value)
-Install two new brake cables and housing ($20 value)
-Cables and housing are all included in the total price ($40 value)
-True Both Wheels ($20 value)
-Clean all bearing surfaces and adjust all bearings: This includes dropping the headset and repacking any loose ball bearings with fresh grease in the headset and or hubs. ($25 value)
-Pull the bottom bracket, clean all threads, re-grease, and re-install the BB ($20 value)
-Wrap bars with fresh handlebar tape (tape included in price) ($25 value)
-Drive Train Clean (degrease chain, cassette, chain rings, and rear derailluer. ($20 value)
**In addition, all service parts purchased with this maintenance package are 20% off**

This means that when we go through your bicycle on our customary repair check-in and find other parts that you may need replaced (besides the bar tape and cables that are included) will be 20% off the original price!

As far as Mountain Bikes are concerned, we want you to realize how important it is to take care of the suspension components on your bicycle. Most Suspension forks should be rebuilt at least once a year. If you neglect your suspension fork then you might ruin it. We have seen far too many customers bring in their suspension forks after many years of use and zero rebuilds. On some occasions the customer has then had to purchase entirely new uppers. If you do not replace the seals and oil in your fork then the dirt and crud can eventually ruin the stanchions.

Our Suspension package typically runs $100 That includes a full rebuild of your suspension fork with new seals and fresh oil. Think about dropping off your fork this winter and it will likely save you money in long term.

Register for our Trek Demo Day event through Event Brite!

Help us figure out how many people are coming and what bikes you hope to ride. Register for our free Trek Demo Day at Massanutten's Western Slope! The Demo Day will be on Sunday March 13 10am-3pm!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Certain Bikes on Sale at SBC Come grab one up for a last minute Christmas Gift

Shenandoah Bicycle Company Bikes Looking for a Good Home

From time to time we have bikes that hang around the shop a little longer than we would like. Often the bikes get lonely when this much time passes and they continue to sit at SBC. Our goal here is to find homes for all of these wonderful bikes where someone will love them, care for them, and most of all ride them! In order to expedite the process of getting these bikes out the door, SBC is prepared to give you some incentives to tickle you into taking one of these sweet machines home.

Mention that you saw this on our blog as most of these deals will not be listed on the bikes...

The Electra Amsterdam is a Sweet Ride with classic style. Full fenders and chain guard promise versatility while the internally geared 3-speed hub is simple and maintenance free. The bike also incorporates "Flat foot" technology, which allows the rider to place their feet flat on the ground while sitting on the seat. This bike has the old-time familiar rear coaster brake and no hand brakes
MSRP: $550.00
SBC wants this bike to have a home so badly, we are prepared to give you $100 in store credit with the purchase of this bike

The Gary Fisher Simple City 3 shares much in common with the Electra Amsterdam. A three speed internally geared rear hub ensures a low maintenance machine. This bike comes equipped with full fenders front and rear as well as a familiar coaster brake. For increased stopping power Gary also included a front rim brake.
MSRP: $550.00
SBC wants this bike to have a home so badly, we are prepared to give you $100 in store credit with the purchase of this bike

Again, the Gary Fisher Simple City 3. This view lets you see the double kickstand (for heavy loads) it raises the rear wheel off of the ground so that your bike does not topple over when a rear rack is loaded with groceries. A full metal chain guard will keep your pants clean while riding around town.
MSRP: $550.00
SBC wants this bike to have a home so badly, we are prepared to give you $100 in store credit with the purchase of this bike

Gary Fisher Cobia 21" This 29er mountain bike machine is a 2010 model and therefore is ON SALE. This frame size is designed for riders over 6 feet tall. The Rock Shox Tora is a great fork for the price, an air adjustable fork that can be custom tuned for the riders weight (an option not usually offered on bikes at this price range).
MSRP: $1,000.00
SBC wants this bike to have a home so badly, we are prepared to give you $100 in store credit with the purchase of this bike
This Trek EX 8 is a 2009 and the first generation with Active Braking Pivot, Full Floater and the larger two-chamber Fox rear shock. This "all mountain" bike has been our most popular full suspension mountain bike for the past few years.
MSRP: $2,400.00
 SBC wants this bike to have a home so badly that we are prepared to lower the price on this bike to $2,100.00 and give you $150 in store credit with the purchase of this bike

Gary Fisher HiFi Pro 29er 21" This 2010 model is a super light and fun. Complete with fancy light parts, the HiFi Pro makes a great race bike or an all around trail bike for anyone. We have found the 29" wheel to be especially beneficial for those folks who ride extra large frames as they complement the big frame quite nicely and create a more balanced bike.
MSRP: $3,300.00
SBC wants this bike to have a home so badly that we are prepared to lower the price on this bike to $3,100 and give you $200 in store credit with the purchase of this bicycle

The Trek 7.6 FX WSD is a Women's Specific hybrid bicycle that acts as a "flat-bar" road bike. This light weight machine boasts low spoke count road wheels, carbon fork and a lighter frame than the other FX series bikes. This is one fast machine built for speed but also versatility. The rims are a bit more narrow than on traditional hybrids allowing for the installation of a relatively narrow 25c "road" tire. Yet the
MSRP: $1,100.00
SBC wants this bike to have a home so badly that we are prepared to lower the price on this bike to $1,000 and give you $100 in store credit with the purchase of this bike

This Trek Madone 4.7 WSD is a full carbon, light weight speed machine. This 2009 model is a great buy as it is super stiff and responsive. This is a Women's specific model that is designed to meet the fitting needs of most women. Come take it for a test ride and you will immediately recognize the difference between carbon and your old aluminum bike. A nice Bontrager Race wheelset completes the ride and promises durability.
MSRP: $2,250.00
SBC wants this bike to have a home so badly that we are prepared to lower the price on this bike to $2,050.00 and give you $150 in store credit with the purchase of this bike

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All SBC items are 20% off until December 24. Happy Holidays to our Customers

You heard it right! Everyone seemed so happy and excited to get their hands on our SBC jerseys during the Downtown Renaissance Holiday Gift Blitz that we decided to start our own sale for the last two weeks leading up to the holidays. From now until December 24 you can purchase any SBC items for 20 percent off the regular retail price! This includes any SBC items in the store such as: Men's and Women's Sugoi Jerseys, IBX short sleeve Jerseys, Sugoi Men's shorts/bib shorts, Women's Sugoi Shorts, Defeet arm warmers, Defeet socks, Pint glasses, T-shirts, visors, hats, children's onesies, sweatshirts, and water bottles.

We are happy to ship these items to anyone anywhere. Simply give us a call (540) 437-9000 and we can take credit card info over the phone.

Any of these items make great holiday gifts and allow you to show off your favorite bike shop!
Hurry, we have low inventory levels on some of these items, offer is only good on what we have in the store!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

USA Made Cycling products

Sustainable products produced in the United States have become harder and harder to find these days but here at SBC we still try our best to stock products by companies who care about their impact on the world. Products made in the USA do create and preserve US jobs but that is only a fraction of the argument. Garments produced here ensure that the workers are paid a livable wage and work under decent conditions. This is in stark contrast to many of the other garments that we wear when they are produced in nameless factories overseas.

Our primary bike line, Trek, the largest bike company in the country is the only major bicycle company to still make ANY frames in the United States. All high end Trek OCLV carbon road and mountain bikes are STILL made in Trek's Waterloo Wisconsin factory. All Madone frames starting at the 5.1 and above are made in the good ol US of A.

If you are interested in biking at night either on the road or the trails you should look into Light and Motion brand lights. These folks are located along side Monterey Bay California and produce their lights in the same California facility. Light and Motion won the California WRAP (waste reduction award program) Award for their push to limit their carbon footprint and source products locally.

On the soft goods side of things our heavy local hitter is without question IBEX. This company is based in Woodstock Vermont and makes some of the best wool cycling/outdoor apparel that you can find on the market today. We carry a full line of their cycling bottoms as well as various weight wool jerseys. IBEX products are made in the United States, in their Vermont facility. The garments are made from merino wool that is sourced out of New Zealand, the farmers are committed to sustainable practices as they humanely guard their flocks and care for the land that has been passed down through generations inspires Ibex to be mindful of the environment in every stage of the production of their garments, from sheep to shelf. In addition, Ibex supports their small local dealers (like SBC) any sale or deal you see on the IBEX website we can get for you here at the shop for the same price w/o shipping.

Continuing with the Jersey and Shorts theme, Sugoi, the company who makes our custom SBC shorts and jerseys, has also resisted moving production overseas. Nearly all of their jerseys and shorts, including the SBC customs are made in Vancouver BC, Canada. Not overseas in the same sweatshops where many of our other clothes are produced. So now you can wear your SBC jersey and shorts combo with even a little more pride.

Moving on down to the feet, many of you know that we carry the ever popular Smartwool line of socks. Smartwool embraces a company wide philosophy through the SmartWool Advocacy Fund. This allows them to give back to organizations that promote environmental stewardship, healthy lifestyle choices for youth, and encourage responsible outdoor activity participation. Manufactured in Steamboat Springs Colorado, Smartwool socks are not only the most comfortable socks you will ever wear but they are probably also the most sustainably produced.

At SBC we are always looking for more companies that produce products in the USA and or that seek to promote a better world through the creation and sale of their products. If you know of any companies that you think we should carry let us know. We are looking for companies that represent similar sentiments as the companies described above. One area where it seems many products are still made overseas is gloves. If you have any suggestions about USA made gloves then please let us know.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bicycle Movie Night

Saturday February the 6th @ 7:30 is the annual Bicycle Movie night,  This year the film will be screened at the Court Square Theater American Flyers, and hopefully some local footage will be shown.  This event is a fundraiser for the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and the Blue Ridge Food Bank and costs either $9 or $7 if you bring 2 items of canned food.  
As always the Movie is in Conjunction with the SuperBowl Sunday Ride. Either leave from the South 42 Food Lion at 8:45 or meet at the Briery Branch community center at 10:00  This is a fun group mt bike ride up to the reddish saddle and onto Flagpole knob before descending one of the single-track trails off the mountain.